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Maya Yoga with Nicki Doane - Vienna

Do you have the feeling that something is missing in modern yoga today? Do you long for a practice that both honors and gives you insight and experience? A practice that focuses not only on the poses, but also on the process of yoga as seen through the poses?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then this workshop is for you. Through Nicki's experience in teaching Maya Yoga, you will learn to connect the alignment of the poses with the direction of the mind. Maya is a Sanskrit word that means "illusion" and refers to what we think and perceive to be real in this world. Patanjali, the original yoga psychologist, said that the easiest way to access our psyche is through our physical body. The asanas (poses) are a means of transformation because they give us practical tools that we can use daily in our yoga practice.

Through both dynamic and restorative yoga practices, Nicki will guide you through an experience of yoga in an intelligent, compassionate, supportive and often humorous way that will transform you.

All levels of yoga practitioners are welcome . Advanced students and teachers will be able to deepen their practice and teaching skills in this intensive course.

Maya Yoga Vinyasa Fusion 

Maya Yoga includes asana, pranayama, chanting, meditation, prayer, and deep relaxation, to leave you feeling recharged and inspired by your practice. Nicki likes to start the class slowly with poses that support the parasympathetic nervous system and then move slowly into seated chanting and pranayama. From there we will wake up the body from the ground up, starting at the feet and moving through the legs, trunk, arms, and head. Sun salutations wants to be known as "Vinyasa". The positions are linked to the sun salutations to create the dynamic fl ow that is both detoxifying and rejuvenating. What happens from here is backbends, forward bends, arm balances, inversions or hip openers on the students and the energy of the day. 


This is all intensely is for students who want to be more deeply involved in the learning process. Great for teachers and there is ample time for practice, study, and discussion. There are two sessions, morning and afternoon. The morning is asana based with emphasis on postural integrated alignment and lots of detail concerning body mechanics. Standing poses, forward bending poses, backward bending poses, inversions, arm balances, are all possible in the practice. The afternoon always complements the morning with an emphasis on shoulder stand, hip openers, restorative poses and pranayama. There will be ample time to ask questions relevant to the practice and / or teaching of yoga.

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