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With Faith Comes Courage - A Practice to Build Confidence & Grace with Nicki Doane at Anchorage Yoga, Alaska

Two of the foundational pillars of consistent yoga practice are Shraddha - Faith, and Virya - Courage. The best way to establish these traits is through consistent personal practice. What happens on the mat should follow us out the door and into our lives where we need it most. This workshop will provide transformational tools that can touch us profoundly at the soul and practical as a means of keeping our bodies fit and healthy.
Nicki will lift you up and challenge you with an engaged asana and bring you home with a restorative practice. Using standing poses, hip openers, pranayama, backbends and twists she will get your heart beating while transmitting a lifetime of knowledge that will renew your faith in the efficacy of your practice. The restorative poses are geared to create Virya, thus allowing you to get in touch with what you’re feeling on the inside and the courage to listen and speak from the heart. Slowly you just may find what you’re looking for. All are welcome!

Cost: $54 | Full Weekend (15 hours): $250
Members receive 10% off

(3 hours can be applied as CEU’s for Yoga Alliance & AY Advanced Studies Program)

For more information visit Anchorage Yoga