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Passport to Your Core - A Journey Inward while Turning Upside Down with Nicki Doane at Anchorage Yoga, Alaska

This class will use asana and pranayama to examine the mind body connection more deeply. The focus will be on the group of poses known as the Inversions - the upside down poses. Through an intelligent sequence of poses we will practice Handstands at the wall whether you are a pro already or a complete novice. Forearm balance will be done at the wall as well and headstand and shoulder-stand will be introduced and shared as well. We will complete the class with the most restful pose, Viparita karani, legs up against the wall. This class will be taught in a supportive compassionate environment with the focus on the process of yoga and not necessarily on the final pose. All are welcome!

Cost: $54 | Full Weekend (15 hours): $250
Members receive 10% off
(3 hours can be applied as CEU’s for Yoga Alliance & AY Advanced Studies Program)

For more information visit Anchorage Yoga