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Yoga Sutras of Patanjali with Nicki Doane at Anchorage Yoga, Alaska

According to Yoga Sutras, the source of most of our suffering comes from our over-analytical mind. The sutras tell us that yoga is the path to Self Realization, which many believe is the practice of getting to know yourself better. Yoga is the yoking or joining of seemingly opposite forces, like the sun and the moon, or the mind and the body. To think that the practice of yoga is only about the physical body is misguided. We are holistic beings and cannot separate or compartmentalize ourselves into either an organization or a mind. They are intertwined and deeply connected.

Cost: $54 | Full Weekend (15 hours): $250
Members receive 10% off 

3 hours can be applied as CEU’s for Yoga Alliance & AY Advanced Studies Program

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