Yoga Sutra 2.47

Exploring the Sutras

Lesson 9: Yoga Sutra 2.47

Prayatna shaitilyananta sama pattibhyam

Relax the intensity of your effort and meditate on the endless and copious amounts of energy within. This we must do because if it wasn’t this, it would surely be something else. This sutra is one of the three that directly relates to asana. The other two are numbers 46&48 from book 2. I believe this to be one of the more potent and important sutras for beginning yoga students and more advanced practitioners alike. In the asana practice it can sometimes become goal oriented as opposed to process oriented. No matter how badly we may want to do a particular pose, if we can’t do it we can’t do it. The only way to achieve something is to work for it and to do that work consistently and with your full sincerity. Anything worth something needs to be built slowly and deliberately and with patience. Therefore this sutra is such a good reminder to slow down and relax your intensity. Be in the moment and accept the reality of today. It truly is like stepping into the flow of life and being carried by the current safely insurers of swimming against the current and struggling and suffering.

Also yogis believe in the potential energy that lives coiled at the base of our spines and is awakened through spiritual practice. We all have infinite stores of this energy and if we can meditate and reflect on that we will find we have the strength and the power to do almost anything!

And the last bit of wisdom embedded in this sutra reminds us of the nature of being human. As the Buddha said, “in life there is suffering”. This truth Is called the First Noble Truth and reminds us that none of us get through this life without some suffering. However, the more we can relax the intensity of our effort and meditate on the endless energy within, we become less reactive to the situation and we can mitigate at least some of our suffering. If it wasn’t this bit of drama, it would surely be another bit at another time. So, as we say here in Hawaii, “Slow down, this ain’t the mainland”. Be in the moment and don’t let yourself be taken over by conventional thinking.

Namaste & Aloha, Nicki

Nicki Doane