Tada Drashtuhu Svarupe Avastanam

Exploring the Sutras

Lesson  3 : Tada Drashtuhu Svarupe Avastanam

The third sutra in Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras basically lays out the bliss that will be found if we can live our lives yogically as defined in the second and previous sutra. Remember that the second sutra from last week’s blog defines yoga as being the intentional quieting and calming of all the self-limiting tendencies of our own consciousness or mind. So, the third sutra, Tada Drashtuhu Svarupe Avastanam, lets us know that when we achieve that calm state of mind we will see ourselves in our divine form and will recognize god within us. I absolutely love this sutra because I find it very affirming and reassuring that if I practice sincerely and do my best to live my life authentically, then I will find self-realization, and I believe that self-realization simply means getting to know yourself better and better. To see ourselves as we truly are requires that we learn how to open our eyes and see what is right in front of us. When we can do that we become open to a new way of thinking and we truly believe what we see. Faith is in the belief that we have, so if we believe we are spirit and god energy, then we are!

So, since I always like to break it down word by word, that’s what I’m going to do for you now. “Tada” is Sanskrit for therefore or then “Drashtuhu” comes from the root Saskrit word “Drisht” which means vision or sight “Svarupe” is really two words; “sva” which means the Self ( capital S for sure), and ‘rupe” which means the form “Avastanam” means firmly established or apparent.

So, to paraphrase, this sutra says that when we can control the vrittis (the agitations and fluctuations of the mind ), it is then and only then that we are able to see ourselves in our true divine form, recognizing God within! You might say this also is a definition of Yoga. My teacher Pattabhi Jois was always telling us that God is in us and in everything around us. We simply have to open our eyes and be willing to look and see what is true. I love yoga!!

In Peace,


Nicki Doane