Should You Practice Yoga Every Day?

I have often been asked by students if I think they should practice yoga every day. The answer truly depends on the student and what we think yoga is all about.

If we are talking about an asana practice of postures and breathing, there are differing opinions. My teacher, Pattabhi Jois, had us practice six days a week with no yoga practice on Saturdays, and both the New and Full Moons. This was because Ashtanga yoga is a strong vigorous type of yoga and it was essential to give your body a day off to rest and rejuvenate.  When I went to Pune to study with the Iyengar family we also had class six days a week and Sundays off.

Now, by the time you end up in India to study yoga you have probably been practicing for a while and doing such a full schedule is desirable.  If you are just starting to learn about yoga and going to class, I think I’d recommend going once or twice a week to allow the yoga to penetrate you slowly.  I’m pretty sure it won’t take long (as long as you find the right teacher for you) before you are adding classes and days of practice. Yoga works!

Now, if we are talking about yoga in its entirety which is calming your mind and finding happiness within, then YES you should practice Yoga everyday!

Nicki Doane