Nicki on the Road: Traveling to Bali

Well, after 37 hours of travel I have finally made it to Bali! It was definitely a grueling trip this time around.

Note to self: the cheapest ticket is cheap for a reason.

It took me four plane rides from Maui to arrive in Bali and I still can’t understand how taking more flights is cheaper. My route took me through Oahu to Manila in the Philippines, and I couldn’t get out of that airport fast enough! Thankfully I flew from there to one of my favorite airports, Singapore, to switch planes. Singapore airport is huge, they have free internet, a free movie theater, lots of food choices, tons of shopping to kill layover time, and a super clean and nice transit hotel. I arrived at 11:30pm with a 12 hour layover. Unfortunately I didn’t make a reservation at the hotel, so I had to wait two hours for a room but they had one at 1:30am, and by then I was feeling so sleep deprived and weird that I literally danced around the room when I got in. They rent the rooms in 6 hour blocks and it felt so good to take a hot shower and slip into a clean bed and sleep with my legs stretched out instead of folded under me on the plane. I practiced yoga in my room when I woke up, took another shower, and went out to cruise the terminal for a few hours before my flight. It’s amazing what a shower and some sleep will do for you!

My next flight was Garuda Airlines to Denpasar, and at only 3 hours it felt so quick! As soon as we landed I was greeted with that steamy heat of Asia that I actually love. I arrived at my room only slightly deranged a couple of hours ago and what a treat to find that this place makes all that travel a fleeting memory. I have a beautiful king size bed with a sweet mosquito net, a huge walking shower and a deep bathtub that I cannot wait to use. By far the coolest thing is that I have a private swimming pool out the back door of my room!!!  I am going to bed soon so that I can be bright eyed for teaching yogaall day tomorrow as a guest teacher at the Radiantly Alive yoga teacher training here at the Alam Puisi Villas.
Stay tuned to the blog to hear more about my time in Bali!


Nicki Doane