Nicki Doane’s 5 Travel Tips for Yogis

I’m so lucky to have the opportunity to go teach yoga in so many wonderful places, which means that I do a lot of traveling. I get to meet great people and check out a town from an insider’s perspective. The only bummer is the amount of time I spend in airports and on airplanes. Because of this, I have become a great packer and my carry-on is always equipped with my travel essentials. Here are a few things that I feel are essential to have with you as you head out to that awesome yoga retreat in Maui, or Bali, or India!

1. Pack snacks! Although airports have gotten better at providing more nutritious snacks and food choices, for the most part they are over-priced and it’s still hard to find vegetarian or vegan choices. I always try to hit the health food store on my way to the airport. I like to bring a salad to eat on board and I usually have some nuts and something sweet!  Make sure your food containers seal well as it sucks to get salad dressing all over your bag. Been there, done that. The flight attendants are usually jealous of my food.

2. Buy yourself a pair of noise canceling headphones. It’s such an important investment in your for a smooth and quiet trip. I travel so much that I splurged on a pair of Bose for myself years ago when they first came out. Bose was the first company to produce them, and when you need to drown out those crying babies or super chatty neighbors, they are da bomb.

3. One of the  most important things in my carry on bag is a pair of cashmere socks/slippers. The first thing I do when I get to my seat is take off my shoes and put the socks on. They have a soles so I can walk around the plane when I need to. Since I live in Hawaii and mostly wear slippers, known as flip flops elsewhere, my feet get cold as soon as I’m on a plane. I wash them after every trip and they live in my carry on.

4. A long scarf is another essential. I bring a cashmere one in the winter and a cotton one in the summer. It can be used to cover your mouth and nose when the person next you won’t stop coughing and sneezing. It can be a blanket to cover your legs if you get cold, and it can cover your whole head when you want to go to sleep!

5 . Entertainment. I know some people actually work on an airplane but for me that’s a challenge. Something about the small space and the bad air is just not conducive to it. So, I prefer to read, which means I always have a good book with me whether it’s a hard copy or on my iPad (great for multiple books and lightweight). iPads are also awesome because you can have your music and movies stored on the device!

Hope this helps as you plan for your next yoga travel getaway. Please let me know what your essentials are too. I’m always looking for good suggestions!


Nicki Doane