My Spiritual Awakening

As many of you know I have  a sweet place in my heart for musicians  and all things musical. It was actually the culture of music that led me to my first yoga class. I saw people doing yoga in the parking lot at a Grateful Dead show in the mid 80s while I was still in high school. That was a little too early in my spiritual evolution to fully grasp what it was, but it certainly made an impression, as yoga had a place in the counter culture that I was already drawn to. It was at a live Dead show that I first felt a spiritual connection to the universe and to everyone around me. The next time I got that feeling was in my first yoga class. That class was mind blowing in how familiar the practice felt in my body and my soul. I remembered seeing those yogis in the parking lot and how cosmic that was.

As the years have passed by, music and yoga have remained the two continuous sources of spiritually uplifting experiences in my life. I met one of my dearest friends in a Volkswagen bus on the way to a concert and she does yoga with me to this very day. I’ve met some of the most important people in my life through yoga and music, so it was inevitable that those two worlds would eventually collide.

Mutual friends introduced us to musicians who wanted to do yoga and we were often willing to hop on the bus and go on tour to support the artists and the crew. It has been a blessing  to share my love for and the teachings of Yoga with many musicians and people who work in the music industry. Just as teaching yoga is done in the spirit of service I believe music is played for the service of all humanity. For me to be able to offer something to these artists who bring so much joy to so many of us is an honor. Not to mention, I get to see so much great music!! Im looking forward to the summer music season – see you at the show or maybe doing yoga before the show!


Nicki Doane